Grand Chateaux Of The Loire Valley – Angers

This will be the third of three posts centering on chateaux from the Loire Valley in France. The final chateau on my list is Château d’Angers.

Built on a ridge above the Main River, this incredible feudal fortress with its seventeen massive towers, measures nearly 600 m (2,000 ft) in circumference. Originally constructed by the Counts of Anjou in the 9th century, it became part of the Angevin empire of the Plantagenet of Kings of England in the 12th century. When Philip II conquered the area in 1204, his son Louis IX (“Saint Louis”) expanded the chateau to its current size. It’s been estimated that in 1234, construction costs totaled nearly one per cent of the royal revenue at the time. Today the castle is owned by the city of Angers. Inside the forbidding castle walls, you’ll find charming gardens, buildings, aviaries, a menagerie and the famous Apocalypse tapestry.

Chateau d'angers









chateau-d-angers interior

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