Book Endings Can be a Challenge

“I would love to have known more about her future successes and how long she remained in France, her friends, her French instruction, etc. I would also like to have known the outcome of her leaving. I felt like there were missing pieces. I do hope for a sequel.” -Amazon reviewer on June 3, 2013.

“I loved this book all the way until the end. I have recently discovered that the author is intending to release another book, and from what I understand it will continue where this one left off. I am thankful for this, as the way this book ended was definitely a negative for me. I wanted to know more! What happened to the author, did she learn what she came to learn? Did she get the job she was hoping for? So many questions.” –Ionia, Goodreads and Amazon review, May 5, 2013.

I’ve received numerous comments like these from readers and it always makes me cringe. Where to end French Illusions was a difficult decision for me. Once I outlined my first diary, I realized that I had too much story for only one book. Over and over again, I tried out different ideas, but none of them allowed me to tell the whole story in a reasonable number of pages. A natural place to break the memoir occurs after my au pair experience. My life in France after this was a very different story. You’ll see why. I’m outlining the rest of my diary and French Encore should be out late 2014.

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