A Theme Song For French Illusions

I searched the internet for weeks, listening to French music, trying to choose a song for my book trailer. When I heard “Imposture” by Danielle Pauly, from the album Café de Paris, my heart lurched. I loved the melody, but what did the title mean in French? Quickly, I looked up the translation for “Imposture.” Hee-hee, it means “fraud.” The song was perfect.

Alberto Rivers at Bookteaserspub.com produced my book trailer. You can watch it right here French Illusions.


  1. Gem Tupaz says:

    tres bien!

  2. This is such a fun read– definitely a page turner! I really enjoyed it, and am still scandalized by that witch! What a lovely person you are to have been able to stick it out for so long. Looking forward to the next book, LInda! Cheers!

  3. Flora B. Vanegas says:

    Just heard this song and absolutely love it 😀

  4. Bárbara Moura says:

    Love the song, and the trailer made me curious about the book! 🙂

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