The Writer In Me

Isn’t it wonderful when you discover something worthwhile from the past? During my recent move to Saint Petersburg, Florida, I came across an essay I wrote for an English 101 class in college. I had just returned home from France in the spring of 1980, and as you’ll see, the essay describes my interest in a writing career.

Alas, I didn’t pursue an English degree and in 1985, I graduated from Seattle University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration. Who knew that later in life I would follow my heart and eventually write and publish my French Illusions Series? Here are a few paragraphs from that essay, dated December 15, 1981. 

“I have always enjoyed manipulating words to create a story. Even when I was very young, I found pleasure in the various essay writing assignments in school. Inevitably, the school year began with a paper on “How did you spend your summer vacation?” and I always took great care in describing and explaining this “beloved” subject.

As I grew older, my interest in writing seemed to vary with my age and the opportunities given me to write. My several attempts at keeping a diary became much more of a chore than a pleasurable experience, and it wasn’t until my recent trip to France that I ventured to try again. Being in another country also entailed much letter writing and, of course, detailed descriptions of events and places were necessary to help the reader obtain a true picture of what I was seeing. I was surprised at the comments from my family and friends on how well I expressed myself on paper. I suppose that I have always felt some doubt of my ability to hold a reader’s interest for any length of time…

As Henry Louis Mencken, author, states, “To the man with an ear for verbal delicacies – the man who searches painfully for the perfect word, and puts the way of saying a thing above the thing said – there is in writing the constant job of sudden discovery, of happy accident.” Menchen certainly hits home with this proverb. The special concern I have given my writing has helped me to discover confidence and belief in “the writer in me.””

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  1. How prophetic, Linda! I have a feeling the writer will always come out at some point! I love that photo of you too!

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