Grand Chateaux Of The Loire Valley

This will be the first of three posts centering on chateaux from the Loire Valley in France. First on my list is the magnificent Chateau de Chambord.

Known for its French Renaissance architecture, it is actually a blend of medieval and classical structures. Chambord, the largest of the grand chateau in the Loire Valley, was originally designed to serve as a hunting lodge for King Francois I. Unfortunately, it was never completed. Work on the chateau began in 1519, but interruptions, including the Italian War in 1521, halted progress for many years. In 1526, construction resumed and at various times, there were as many as 1800 workers employed at Chambord. After Francois’ death in 1547, the chateau was abandoned for almost a century. Ironically, during his lifetime, the king had spent less than two months total at the chateau.


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