Enhanced Ending For French Illusions

I want to thank all of my readers for their reviews of French Illusions at Amazon. Although most of your comments are positive, I’ve received a consistent criticism, gulp, my abrupt ending. I didn’t get it right away. At first, I thought the reader was left with too many unanswered questions. What happens to Adam? Does Linda ever learn French? Does she ever become a flight attendant? These questions are not only understandable, there’re expected. Where to end this memoir was a difficult decision for me. After I outlined my first diary, I realized that I had too much story left in my second diary for only one book. A natural place to break the story occurs after my au pair experience.

So…drum roll please! As of September 21, 2013, my eBook has a new chapter, extending and enhancing the conclusion to French Illusions. The revised print version will be available very soon as well. Don’t worry, reader of either edition will be able to move on to French Encore without a hitch.

I believe authors should listen and learn from their audience. If there’s a persistent complaint, they should attempt to fix it, or their credibility as a writer will suffer. Will readers find my ending more satisfying? I hope so. I’ve done my best and time will tell.

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