Indie Author? Here are my Tips for Increasing Book Sales, Gaining Twitter Followers and Acquiring “Likes” on Facebook.

There are so many unknowns and so much to learn after you self-publish a book. Constant questions come up and answers are illusive in the beginning, especially if it’s your first attempt. What are the best sites for book promotion? How do I get more followers to my Facebook Fan Page? How can I find the best connections on Twitter? Authors want to write, but we have to understand that marketing is just as important. Fortunately, there is a wealth of information on the internet. After I published my book last fall, I searched these topics, clicked on links to blogs or discussions, read and followed their advice. Slowly, over time, I gained knowledge and my frustrations faded. Here are my best tips for indie authors when it comes to book promotion, gaining Twitter followers and acquiring Facebook FanPage “Likes.”

Promotions: Hands down, I obtain the greatest number of sales from a BookBub promotion. A recent campaign in April, 2013 propelled French Illusions to 98 on Amazon’s “Best Seller’s in Kindle Store” list. It’s pricy and they require you to have a quality product, but the results are amazing. This rise in sales rank creates behind-the-scenes connections at Amazon, linking your book to others and increasing sales for weeks to come. Another great promotion site I’ve used is EReader News Today.

Twitter Followers: I search Amazon for books similar to mine and then I look to see if the author is on Twitter. If they are, I peruse their followers and invite them to connect with me as well.  I also utilize the search option on Twitter to find people who might be interested in my book topic. In my case, I search using words like “France,” “French,” and “Travel.” These searches lead me people interested in my book topic. I am able to pick and choose people that might be interested in French Illusions and I sell a few books. Friend or Follow, helps me “unfollow” people who don’t reciprocate. Except in rare occasions, I’m not that interested in people who won’t follow me back. I like to keep my number of Twitter “followers” in proportion to the “people I follow.”

Facebook Fanpage “Likes”: I use the web to find threads where authors exchange “Likes.” and are two great options for this. Once I find a thread, I click over to an author’s Facebook Fan Page, “Like” it and ask them to return the favor. For their convenience, I always leave a link back to my page.

I’d love to hear from other authors out there. What are your favorite book promotions?



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