A Typical Day For Linda Kovic-Skow

My day begins at about eight thirty in the morning. I find my way to the kitchen, pour a generous cup of coffee, plop down on the couch and watch the news on TV. My husband, who gets up earlier than me, greets me , but he avoids chit-chat until I return for a second cup of coffee. An hour or so later, I sit down at the computer and research something to post on my Facebook Fan Page and Twitter. Since French Illusions is set in France, I tie many of these posts to this subject, throwing in quotes or a recent life experience to break it up a bit. Next, I check sales ranking and reviews on Amazon. Often this is the most stressful part of my day. Most of my reviews are four and five stars, but occasionally I get a real clunker that makes my heart ache. Now that I’m writing my sequel, French Encore, I dedicate a few hours each morning to this project. I can’t sit for long periods of time without my neck hurting, so I switch back and forth between my desk and a standing computer station. Often, my husband has to remind me to get up and move around. Once I get the creative juices going, it’s hard to lay my manuscript aside and walk away.

My afternoons vary. During certain times of the month, I deal with my remaining bookkeeping clients or perform tasks surrounding our Arizona rental investments. Weather permitting, my husband and I might walk the dog for exercise. The high summer temperatures in Phoenix limit this activity, so if I want a work out, I head down to the community pool late in the day.

Most weekday evenings, my husband and I cook dinner together. He barbecues while I prepare a salad and he usually cleans up so that I can write for a few more hours. At around nine o’clock, I finally shut things down. A glass of wine in front of the TV helps me unwind until bedtime, around midnight.  We both love to eat out, but we try and limit these excursions to Friday or Saturday nights. If we can find a restaurant that offers live music, all the better.

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