My Favorite Character and Chapter in French Illusions

While I worked my way through my diary, I particularly enjoyed recounting interactions with Antoine, my four-year-old ward at the Château de Montclair. He was such a sweet, goofy kid and he often voiced his affections for me with exuberant enthusiasm. Here is an excerpt from my book:

     At last, Madame asked me to serve the dessert, and we all sang Antoine a French birthday song. He wolfed down one helping and then another of the mousse before tearing into his gifts.
His most impressive present, an elaborate train set, came from his grandparents, followed by books from Collette, and toy cars and a sweater from Mummy and me. He beamed afterward, overjoyed with all of the attention. Unexpectedly, he twisted toward me and deposited a big wet kiss on my mouth.
“Mademoiselle Kovic et Collette sont toutes les deux belle ce soir!” he exclaimed. Everyone at the table burst out laughing, including me since I understood most of his comment. Antoine had shouted out that both Collette and I looked lovely tonight. Without a doubt, he considered his fête a success!

My favorite chapter to write was number 62 in the last section of my memoir. Throughout most of the story, circumstances required me to internalize my discontent and unhappiness with my life at the Château de Montclair. Within these pages, I finally had the opportunity to expose my true feelings in vivid scenes filled with passion and drama. It was a thrilling, rewarding experience for me.

I would love to hear from my readers – do you have a chapter or character you especially enjoyed in French Illusions?


  1. Nora Charles says:

    I was just perusing Lori’s Reading Corner when I came upon your book. Having wanted to visit France since long ago and not knowing what the origin of my desire, your book is the icing on the cake to fulfill my dream.

  2. Linda,
    I am presently reading your book and truly feeling sorry for you when you were sick. I am enjoying the book very much, and I truly understand the effort involved in the writing and publishing since I just went through the process with my own. It seems that you have everything all together for a very successful book. Congratulations! I wish the best for you.
    Debbie Ambrous

  3. I just reviewed your book and loved it…!!

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