The Pictures that Introduce Parts One and Two

I have been asked about the pictures introducing the four parts in French Illusions. It was my publisher’s design team that came up with this fantastic idea. I doubt many authors ponder the interior design of their book. I certainly didn’t. My mind was focused on the cover design until Dog Ear Publishing sent me the first interior galley for review.

Mesmerized, I scrolled through the first pages on my computer screen. When I saw “Part One, The Dubois Family” and the oval containing the picture of the chateau from my cover, I actually  yelped with delight. This photo, chosen by me, is an unnamed French chateau in the Loire Valley. Although it’s larger than the one I actually lived in, the architecture is very similar. During my stay in France in 1979, I took several pictures of both the interior and exterior of the actual home I lived in, but I couldn’t use any of these photographs. It was important to protect the family’s identity. If you read my book, you’ll understand why.

When I sent the interior galley of French Illusions to my daughter, she loved the concept as well, but she suggested I change out the pictures introducing the rest of the parts in the book. At first, this seemed daunting, but I persevered. I’m glad I did. Below you’ll find an excerpt from my story that describes the photo introducing “Part Two, Venturing Out of Songais.”

            Rural landscapes disappeared, and we entered the city across a large bridge spanning the Loire.
            “This is the Woodrow Wilson Bridge,” Madame said, glancing my way. “During World War I, the United States Air Force had a strong military presence in Tours, and many people esteemed their efforts. When the town built the bridge in 1918, they named it in honor of the American president. The locals now prefer to call it the Pont de Pierre. That means stone bridge.”


Tours Bridge shutterstock_95802394








My next post will cover the pictures in Parts Three and Four, so stay tuned…


  1. Lovely picture, really looking forward to the next post 🙂

  2. Gorgeous picture! I can’t wait to read this book!

  3. Beautiful picture. I love the cover too!

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