Dear Santa, Please Bring Madame A Heart

The year is 1979, and twenty-one-year-old Linda Kovic is disenchanted with her current career as a medical assistant. Yearning for more excitement and adventure in her life, she pursues other careers. Her tenacity lands her an interview for a flight attendant position, but her hopes are crushed when she learns they require her to speak a second language. Undaunted, Linda decides to learn French and pursues a position as an au pair in France. In order to secure a position with an aristocratic family in the Loire Valley, she lies and pretends to speak the language. Once she arrives at her destination, Linda soon discovers that her expectations are very different from those of her unforgiving employer.

Dear Santa,
Can you please bring Madame Dubois a heart? I’ve apologized for my trickery over and over again, but she still seems to hold a grudge.
When I first read about the Duboises, they appeared to be a perfect fit for me: a family of four with a baby on the way, living in a large home, in an ideal part of the country. I felt certain  Madame would eventually accept my apology, and as my French improved, we would grow closer. I see now that I was wrong. Wrapped up in my own romantic notion of living abroad, I ignored the challenges I might face with the communication barrier— and I never considered the feelings of isolation I would experience in its wake. My deception hinders my relationship with the family and adds a layer of complexity to my rapport with the children.  
If Madame acquired a heart, maybe she would finally forgive me and help me feel like part of the family. Perhaps she would shorten my chore list at the chateau and assist me with some French grammar. At the very least, she might offer me a kind word or two.
As you can see, Santa, I’ve got myself into quite a jam. I would be eternally grateful if you could grant me this one request. Oh, and by the way, it seems to me that a new heart for Madame Dubois might make a great family gift as well.
Linda Kovic   




  1. mark asher says:

    i hope your giveaway and book does well!

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